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Sept. 3, 2021

Who is Tom Boyd & why does he care about the "Creator Economy"? (This is my story, baby.)

Who is Tom Boyd & why does he care about the
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In this episode of Creators Are Brands…

We are talking to….. ME.

Yes. Well, my friend Jeremy Maryis talking to me. He has a podcast called “Backstage Careers” and he interviewed me for his show. Definitely go subscribe to Jeremy and follow him as he is a beast in this industry.

But I wanted to share this on my show because this episode gives context into my mission for the content I am creating now. We went into my background as a creative professional, how I started working with a multiplatinum recording artist and Scooter Braun, how I started my own entertainment group and clothing line, and all the failures and success that came with that, why I care so much about creators and the creator economy,

This episode has stories that I’ve never told before…from how Justin Bieber and Scooter were technically my first clients, how my homie Asher inspired me to explore this creative career, to working in the studio with Pharrell, to landing a full time job with a billion dollar brand by creating a rap video.

I hope you get something out of this conversation that helps you on your creative journey.

Thanks for listening and have an incredible day.