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Michael Downie (@DownieLive 275K subs): Going ALL IN and betting on his YouTube channel

Michael Downie is a full-time YouTuber with 278K subscribers but it doesn’t stop there. He’s also blowing up on TikTok and even licensing his content for a reality show. Michael has an inspiring story of how he got started and trusted his vision to be a full-time creator - even though no one believed him.

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In this episode, we discuss:

Why he called himself a YouTuber before he was full-time

How he took out a loan and bet on himself with only 1500 subscribers

How he thinks about working with sponsors and investing it back into the business

His creative process with his team

His exact TIPS for storytelling

Here’s my favorite piece of knowledge that Michael dropped in the episode:

“Back when I had 200 subscribers. I decided I was going to introduce myself as a YouTuber even though I had a full-time job at a junk removal company. I decided that I was going to make this my career, that I was going to be a YouTuber.”

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I hope you’ll tune in! See you back next week.

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