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How to come up with podcast questions (with Andrew Warner)

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If you’ve ever thought… even for a split second, that you want to start a podcast, or you already have a podcast… or just want to get better at asking questions, then this interview is for you.

Andrew Warner is an entrepreneur and host of the hit startup podcast, where he uncovers the secrets of the world’s best founders. Over the course of 2000+ episodes, Andrew has interviewed everyone from Barbara Corcoran, to Gary Vee, to founders of AirBnB.

The reason I was so excited to interview Andrew… is because I first started podcasting, trying to think of questions and outline the interviews was a challenge… and it’s still a challenge, there’s no guide or clear direction. I was just guessing.

Thankfully, Andrew just wrote a book about it called “Stop Asking Questions”, How to lead High Impact Interviews and Learn from ANYTHING From Anyone.”

This exact book I was looking for. (GET IT HERE:

If you don’t believe me… take it from Seth Godin… who says…

"This is a book about respect. Respecting others enough to interview them well. Respecting your audience enough to do the work. And respecting yourself enough to be clear about what you're doing and why."

As I continue to try to improve the craft of conducting an interview, this conversation served almost as a free one on one consultation from one of the best interviewers in the world, on how how to have an engaging conversation.

Please don’t tell Andrew, because I don’t want him to bill me...

I had to re-listen to the episode just to take notes. In fact, Andrew even shared this interview on his OWN podcast, Start Up Stories, which was one of the highest compliments coming from someone like him.