The show that discovers how creators are building businesses online.
Aug. 20, 2021

The Voice For Gen Z Creators w/ Jules Terpak

The Voice For Gen Z Creators w/ Jules Terpak
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Jules Terpak has created her own unique voice and style on TikTok… and has built a following of over 200,000 people eager to hear her point of view. 

See her TikTok here:

Covering subjects of the future of work, trends on social media, and even politics...she’s positioned herself as a kind of spokesperson for Gen Z creators.

In a world where everyone just falls in line, Jules clearly has something to say and that’s what I admired about her content.

In this show, we go into exactly how she creates her videos, the future of education, 4 day work weeks, why you shouldn’t duplicate other people’s work, oh and how her content connected her with Andrew Yang and his team, who was running for the mayor of New York City at the time.

My name is Tom Boyd, and this is the show that explores how storytellers are building brands online.

From the creative process, the mental frameworks, to monetization strategies, I am fascinated how these individuals are building brands around their individualities. In this show, we learn what’s working, so we can apply that to your mission.

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