The show that discovers how creators are building businesses online.
Dec. 22, 2022

So you've built an audience online - Now what?

So you've built an audience online - Now what?

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Welcome to this episode of Creators Are Brands.

This show explores how solo creators are building audiences, breaking through limiting beliefs, making money online WITH THEIR IDEAS AND STORIES.

In this show, we talk to Ed Crockett.

He’s a creator who teaches filmmakers how to do film stuff.

He’s recently jumped from 2500 followers to over a 100K followers on Instagram in a short amount of time with his short videos.

He’s also happens to be a listener of this show…

Like many creators, he’s figured out the how to build an audience… and now he’s trying to figure out ways to make bring in some money without selling out and work with brands he’s actually aligned with…

So this show is part strategy session and part interview where we discuss…

  • How to start building relationships with brands
  • Exactly how he should price his partnerships and frameworks for getting started with pricing
  • How to show your value to brands as a creator
  • How to build permlissionless partnerships that eventually get you paid
  • How to look for actual buyers
  • Should he start a patreon, a course, or a YouTube channel right now?

There’s much to learn from him about how he built his audience, and now how he’s setting it up to make some sweet side income as he continues his day job. I think that’s a situation that a lot of creators are in… most have a day job, and might actually enjoy it, but we’re looking for a creative outlet on the side that might actually help pay some of these bills. I love this conversation because it’s with a creator who is building right now, real time, and what we discuss are actionable ideas that you can implement as you’re building your brand.