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This pod is basically The Creator’s School

Every episode is packed with so much value you might need to take notes to keep up with it all! As I’ve been growing in my creator journey on tik tok and Instagram, I’ve felt like Tom is consistently giving me info that’s like a cheat code. Because of this podcast, I’m better equipped to create better content and I’m actually about to land my first brand deal all from applying what I’ve learned from Tom. If you’re a new or veteran creator, I know you will find tons of value in each episode because that seems to be Tom’s goal. He doesn’t want to waist your time he just wants to provide value and I appreciate that!

Tom inspires me in my work!

I like to listen to Tom in the morning while I am getting ready for work because he inspires me. The way that he takes a overly humble approach to his interview questions, being more of a guide than the self-proclaimed expert (even though he is one)- reminds me that I, too, can put myself out there as the most curious and passionate creator without seeming arrogant or mis-leading. I just love his approach, and pod so much!

Love this podcast!!

As a long time creative myself, I love binging these episodes learning how Tom and his guests are growing their audiences and building their brands in today’s market. Favorite podcast to listen to!

Great tips fun pod

As a burgeoning content creator, Toms tips are practical, engaging and actionable. Excited to keep listening!


I started a Tik Tok account at the beginning of 2022 to promote my business, never having used social media in a serious way (not on Facebook and not active on Instagram). To my shock, it grew beyond what I was ready for and started getting attention from brands, partnerships, etc. I literally had no idea what to do. Enter Creators are Brands. Tom provides such incredible insight and information and has AMAZING guests. He has a unique way of getting them to share their expertise. It is so helpful and informative that on sometimes feel guilty about it being free LOL. I’m so grateful to him, and must say that his warm and bright personality is the cherry on top. He is clearly genuine, natural, curious, and one-of-kind. Thank you, Tom!!! GO EAGLES!

Listen to this podcast!!!

Tom’s style is incredible. And he does a great job interviewing each creator to really help you understand how to be a successful brand. 10/10.

Toms mom should be super proud

As a parent I want My kids to grow up and be “ok” but I also hope that they add something positive to the world. Tom does it with every recording. Thanks Tom’s mom for getting him here.

An essential podcast for content creators.

Absolutely phenomenal interviews. The tips from both the host and guests are priceless when it comes to growth and monetizing your content.

Adorable comment

Listen Toms mom, you created an amazing human being with an incredible mind! Good job 😉

Binge-listened to every episode. Best podcast!

If you’re a creator or an aspiring creator you need to listen to this podcast! This is the first show I’ve listened to in a while where I actually took notes. Tom has incredible insights and practical tips for creators as well as future predictions for the creator economy. I love that he holds creators in high regard and acknowledges the real work, skill and time that goes into being a storyteller online. The episodes are genuine, relatable and packed with wisdom. 👏🏼

Tom is so GENUINE

some of the best conversations out there if your in the realm of social media and content creation. content creation and TikTok are still in there infancy, this is a very interesting time to be a part of these ideas and learn from the best <3 DAMONO

Keep ‘em coming

10 out of 10. Great content. I’ve been enjoying these and learning lots.

Listen to this podcast

Tom is a force when it comes to creating. He’s got an awesome energy and is really passionate about what he does. Def worth listening too!

A must.

Anything Tom Boyd does, you should check out. Rare intentions.

You can’t miss this!!!

Tom is the goat, straight up. His personality is electric and he is such a natural host. The conversations get to heart of the creator economy and provide so much value to any young creator’s journey into entrepreneurship. This show has charisma pouring out of it and you can’t help but smile as you listen along. DON’T MISS IT!

More More More

Tom is the most talented man on this platform. We can all learn from this man whether you’re a lost boy or a found elder.

Danny Greene

Hidden GEM! Awesome resource, feel like I stumbled upon a long lost soul brother.

You have to listen to this!!

Tom is one of the best storytellers I’ve ever worked with. There’s a charisma and cadence and intuition to his method that any creative can’t benefit from tapping into! Always feel inspired after listening to these— you’re a real one Boyder🙌🏼

digging for gold

mind-numbingly brilliant stuff here. take the time to listen to tom and you'll be inspired to dive deeper into your creative well. interesting and helpful content for anyone that wants to better their life and/or sharpen their career focus. entertaining, too!

New favorite podcast!!!!

Loving all of these conversations. If you are an artist or creative of any kind, give this baby a listen🙌🏻



Enjoying so far

Thank you for sharing your perspective of a creative career! Love the solo episodes and looking forward to tuning in for the future guests. Keep recording!