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June 30, 2021

Making a media empire one video at a time with JT Barnett

Making a media empire one video at a time with JT Barnett
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JT Barnett is the founder of HoneyHouse, the very first adult content house, the founder of Reset (a festival for the hottest wellness brands), and a hockey brand media/company called TripleDekke.

JT played professional hockey… but now he specializes in business and internet strategy all rooted in wellness and positivity.

He’s currently teaching everything he’s learned from his experiences on his personal TikTok account.

In this episode we discuss his strategy and JT gives you actionable insights you can use for your own creative process today.

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Welcome to“Creators Are Brands", the show that explores how storytellers are building brands online.

From the mindsets, to the tactics, to the business side, I am fascinated how these individuals are building brands around their individualities. In this show, we learn what’s working, so we can apply that to your mission.

We’ll do this by talking to creators, their teams, the platforms that power them, and doing solo shows that break down specific ideas from my own experiences or perspective of how others are thriving.

We focus on impact driven creators. The storytellers who seek to make a positive impact on the world with their content.

Hi... I am Tom Boyd. I am a full-time content creator and digital strategist.

I've been writing, directing and producing content for digital landscapes for over 12 years. I absolutely love creative storytellers, principles of marketing and purpose driven entrepreneurs.  I do not seek to be an expert on this show. The goal in this show is to be a journalist, a detective, an explorer who reports back to you with what’s working for these successful creators so you can apply what you learn to your own mission.

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