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Aug. 4, 2021

How to work with brands as a creator (w/ Natalie Allport)

How to work with brands as a creator (w/ Natalie Allport)
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Natalie Allport is a former national team snowboarder, CrossFit athlete, and lifelong entrepreneur. She loves nerding out on growth mindset & human performance, hosts the ALL IN with Natalie Allport podcast, and is a passionate advocate for athlete mental health. She runs a marketing agency,93 Agency, with over a decade of experience in social media, sports marketing and athlete branding.

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That is STRAIGHT from Natalie’s website. Thank you for making that available and making my job easy.

In this convo, Natalie breaks down exactly how to reach out brands, how she approaches her content, how she works with athletes to build their digital presence, how she landed a TedTalk opportunity, and much more.

My name is Tom Boyd, and this is the show that explores how storytellers are building brands online.



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