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March 31, 2022

Blake Michael: The future of how companies work with creators

Blake Michael: The future of how companies work with creators
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Welcome to this episode of Creators Are Brands hosted by Tom Boyd.

In this episode we talk to Blake Michael ( who is a creator and the Chief Evangelist of (Yes, the platform who sponsors this show!)

When I saw his role with Lumanu, I thought that sounds like the perfect role for a creator and I wanted to know more…. And Blake goes into detail how he got the role and how he thinks the industry will shift to hire more positions like this one.

We also discuss…

How he was the youngest magician on YouTube

How he was one of the first people to be in the YouTube partnership program

Why he became so passionate about being a creator as opposed to going the traditional film hollywood route

His love for the start-up ecosystem

How is focusing on putting more money in your pocket and taking the stress out of the business side of being a creator.

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