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July 21, 2021

A "Teaching On TikTok" Masterclass w/ Noah Brierley (@Noahxboa 1.4M Followers)

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At the age of 16, Noah Brierley gained 1 million followers in ONE year on TikTok by "teaching you what school never will". 

This is his TikTok:

In this episode, Noah tells us exactly how he did it and breaks down actionable insights that you can apply to your short form content today.

His success is proof that TikTok is so much more than what most people think it is and it might be a good time to start teaching via short form content.

Watch on YouTube:

My name is Tom Boyd and this is the show that explores how storytellers are building brands online.

From the creative process, the mental frameworks, to monetization strategies, I am fascinated how these individuals are building brands around their individualities.

In this show, we learn what’s working, so we can apply that to your mission.

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