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July 14, 2021

10 Lessons For Aspiring Creators (Reaction to Matt Ragland's Atomic Essay)

10 Lessons For Aspiring Creators (Reaction to Matt Ragland's Atomic Essay)
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So I’m scrolling through Twitter….

And I come across this atomic essay from Matt Ragland.

This is what it reads….

10 Lessons For Aspiring Creators… (

The intro reads…

“I started creating content with my first blog in 2011. In the 10 years since, I’ve hosted two podcasts, built a YouTube channel, worked at creator-centric start-ups (ConvertKit then podia, and made the jump to full-time creator.”

In my 10 year overnight success, I learned a lot of lessons. Here are the best for aspiring creators.

I read the rest of the essay… and it’s gold. I resonated with a lot of the points and said...

I gotta’ share this with my buddy.

Which I normally do when I see fire content. But then I thought, it’d actually be fun to call him and record ourselves breaking down these ten lessons and share our hot takes.

And this buddy, is a fellow creator. Here’s worked with me on various projects through the years. He’s created for multiple multi platinum artists, billion dollar brands, and he’s built successful media platforms.

Now, he’s not really an in front of the camera kind of guy. He’s more of a behind the scenes builder. As opposed to me, who puts myself out there, my name on everything, yells at the camera, he’s in the cut, just cooking. But that’s his style of being a creator. Neither is better than the other. You have to find what works for you and your personality.

I thought it’d be awesome to share his perspective.

Again, here's the original tweet if you want to follow along: